update March 2014

I've put many of my small items, pewter buttons, aglets, belt fittings, eyelets, rings, jousting game, armored teddy bears, pinking irons and other interesting and intriguing items on Etsy.

Brian Brown Armoury Etsy page

Jousting game (Manesse codex)

Bring the thrill of the joust to your table.

Manesse Codex Jousting game

finaly updating the site 1-16-2012

After way to long of a delay I'm getting around to updating the site.  I've added a ton to past projects and have a ton more yet to add (they are even catigorized, imagine that).  Also new is cast pewter items including buttons (uploaded pictures of the different styles today 1-16-2012) and buckles.  You can also find me on facebook 


I updated things again

Nov 21 2012.  Fixed a bunch of picture links so they show up, added some new pewter pieces, a lot of updates to past projects, added a spring steel helm that is in stock for sale.  Faux ivory belt fitting set is now in production and posted, I know of no other reproductions in existance anywhere in the world.  Scabbards and leatherwork along with some examples of fantasy/steampunk work I've done have been added under specialites.  I probably misspelled a word or ten with all the updates, I'll edit that as I catch them or they are pointed out to me.

Welcome to Brian Brown Armoury

If you have a love of the arms and armour of the middle ages or any time in history when warriors met on the field of combat wearing metal and wielding weapons of bronze, iron or steel, then you have found a place to look around and see the recreations of Brian Brown.

Better than that, if you would like to own a reproduction piece of historical harness, then you have found your favorite place on the web.  Brian will be your personal armourer, creating the armour that is made for you, to your specifications, artfully blending form, function and asthetics.

There will be occassions when there will be pieces available here that are for sale, but the main body of work is meant to be custom armour based off your personal preferances. You want it because it stokes a fire in your heart for the piece, and you have always wanted it.  That is the challange that Brian wants when recieving an order for custom armour. 

So look around and enjoy what you see.  When the armour you want comes to mind draw it out or send a photo of the piece that you really want.  Then send the image to your armourer to be made. Or simply describe the time and place you want to have your harness from and let Brian do the research and send you drawing or images from historical artwork.

The armour you want can be yours!  Just imagine it and send the idea to Brian Brown Armoury.

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